Thursday, March 31, 2011


baby steps -
you say,
but life is leaps
and closing your eyes
to open them at the last moment
to see everything brilliantly

i dont know.
but i dont want to -
i want to be
unsure and alive
overbalancing and discovering what
the world looks like upside down

you dont give of yourself
to expect in turn -
you just
let go of what you need
to give someone what they

4 chase street

come again;
we can talk of symmetry
you can contradict me
and i
would be subjective
while you
would use reason.
autumn leaves lie scattered
bare branches dark against the grey sky
we sit
in our circle
of reason and rhyme-
the irrational having no place
but sitting anyway
among what we say
and what we do.
recollections of a past summer
burns like something you once said.
you are winter
cold, crisp, clean
while i watch
wrapping my thoughts around
and pulling
with all of autumn


soft sweet quick
dusk steals these shapes
speed over stones
out of breath and out of
wind snatches
soul glides to the left
flicks to the right
glow - spark somewhere
down below
i am whole
because i am not me
i am the soft sweet
quick wind
the jumbled landscape
on the edge
next to you